Where Can I Buy Hoverboards?

Cars and bikes are passe; instead, you might just want to get yourself a hoverboard.

Perhaps made famous in the Back to the Future series, hover boards are now a reality, and you can own one too. You can just hop onto one and travel where you want to – without having to worry about electricity consumption and fuel usage.

Hoverboards have practical uses. Some gadget freaks love it because it’s cool – well, it’s a lot more than that. This self balancing scooter has a levitating platform that can be used for personal transportation which resembles a skateboard without the wheels.

How do you choose the right one for you?

You might have to spend at least around $10,000 to get one for yourself – but just like with most things else, you would be spoilt for choice. There are plenty of accessories you can use on your hover board to make it unique.

Depending upon the range as well how stylish you want it to be and the kind of accessories you want, starting around $500 and reaching up to $2000 would be a good range to look at.

Where do you buy it?

If you’re asking yourself “where can I buy hover boards?”, do not worry.

While these self balancing scooters are quite the rage today, factors like UL Certification, high price, less number of buyers has forcefully limited the availability of hoverboard big time. Being quite exclusive, it’s not available always or everywhere.

There are great value brands like StreetSaw that are not cheap, however they do provide the best value. You can also get one off Ebay, but we do NOT recommend that!

Looking to buy a overboard for yourself? Here are a few websites where you can manage to get good deals.

Top Hoverboard Retailers

www.StreetSaw.com – Simply one of the best over the last couple years, they truly care about the customer and will not let you down in any way, shape or form.

www.swagtron.com – They are the official sellers of the swagway hoverboard. It is the world’s first hoverboard certified with UL2272 which is an international science safety company.

www.hovershop.com – Buying from this website has an advantage of return policy and they do provide 6 month warranty against manufacture defects. It also sells used scooters and offers discount every now and then to attract more customers.

www.swegwaystore.com – The Swegway Store is one of the prominent name in the market of Hoverboards. They offer worldwide shipping but shipping to countries like United States, United Kingdom, All European Union countries, Australia & Canda are free.

www.hoverboard.com – You can buy it directly from the manufacturers website. It lets the buyer avail the customization feature. It says to offer the most secured and fastest delivery.

www.ebay.com – Absolute last resort. This shopping site is a remedy to your problem. Like anything else, it has hoverboard for you to buy. You would probably be able to buy one of these from another seller who already owns one – but since it’s the rage today, expect to buy it normally at a premium price. You also may get something defective – not good.

Of course, check out our full selection of hoverboard reviews.

Buying Yourself a Hover board online

You would want to get yourself one of these hover boards from one of these sites. They do take a while to ship though – and you would have to wait for a couple of weeks at least, in most cases.

Do remember that buying these at a proper physical store is still a tough call – you probably wouldn’t have them available.

The one thing that you need to take care of before buying a hoverboard is that- make sure the place or the country you belong to allows to have one and then ride one. Almost everywhere will allow it in some form or fashion.

A few places like New York have hover boards banned. If riding a hoverboard is legal in your area, order one online as soon as possible!

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