Hoverboard Review

Are Hoverboards Safe?

One of the biggest concerns parents have is whether or not Hoverboards are safe. Parents are usually only concerned because of the scare tactics used by the media. Just remember, they don’t like to report positive things, and often spin stories to fit their narrative.

The truth is, Hoverbaords are no more dangerous than a bicycle, a skateboard, rollerblades, or anything else with wheels. Just because it is something new and flashy, many stuffy people have flipped their lids.

Some people don’t like change, and some people hate technology. You aren’t one of those people, and neither are we. That being said, we wholeheartedly declare that Hoverboards ARE safe.

Should I wear a helmet?

One of the most common questions we see from parents and new riders alike is “should I wear a helmet when I’m riding a hoverboard?

Are hoverboards safe for children?

As always, you should supervise your little ones while they are getting to learn any new vehicle. That being said, if they can learn how to ride a bike or a skateboard, there is absolutely no reason they can’t also learn how to ride a hoverboard safely.

Remember not to buy some cheap, off-brand hoverboard.

Go for a really top end brand like Street Saw that is not going to ever catch fire, etc. The very rare occurrences of this kind of thing happening occur from using cheap knock offs or using voltage too strong for the lithium battery to handle. Always use the included charger only when you charge your hovercraft, and to be honest, that goes for any type of electronics.

Are hoverboards safe for older folk?

Yes! There is definitely no upper age limit for hoverboards. If you are healthy enough to do other sports, then why not hoverboards?

Go slow at first, learn the machine, and THEN take it out into the wild!

While we nor other hoverboard sites can make any type of health claims, getting outside and being active is never a bad thing. (trying to balance makes you feel it in your core).

Ok – so you’re saying Hoverboards are safe?

Yes, we know you need reassurance. Follow the simple safety tips found above and you or your kids will be enjoying one of the latest trends in entertainment. Note that I said trends and not fads. The difference? Fads go away, and the hoverboard isn’t going anywhere.

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